Friday, February 13, 2009

colbert oscar predictions

I love Stephen Colbert for many reasons. One being that he has the same birthday as me. Which obviously makes him awesome. Because only cool people are born on May 13th. Other examples: my friend Ashley, Stevie Wonder.

But I digress. The main thing I heart about Colbert is his ability to make me laugh out loud while I'm alone in my apartment. And I mean loud enough that I worry that Devon can hear me from upstairs and thinks I've lost my mind. Last night was one of those nights...

Plus this makes me excited for the Oscars. Because I'm just an award show geek at heart. OK fine, I'm an all around geek.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I literally shrieked with glee when I saw this commercial during the Super Bowl. And the weirdest part, I wasn't the only one. Jody and Leanne both were freaking as well. And Gaby instantly sent me a text. Who else wants to join the crew in seeing this the day it comes out?!

Mock all you want, but seriously, who doesn't heart Paul Walker and/or Vin Diesel?! I love them so much that my action packed day tomorrow will include screenings of Varsity Blues and The Pacifer. Yay for funemployment!