Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NYC Eats

Is it bad that it's only Tuesday and I've already planned out where/what I'll be eating for almost every meal when I'm in NYC this weekend? Blame my weakness for Food Network and the fact that I'm seeing Emily who is probably a bigger foodie than me.

So far planned stops:

Thursday night dinner - The Smith - East Village

Gael Greene says the Mac n Cheese is to die for. Oh and they have a little appetizer called BRAISED BACON w red onion marmalade on the menu. Yes please.

Friday lunch:
Ace Hotel. Apparently pretty cool lil sandwich shop in there.

Then off to the Bronx zoo! No, I will not be eating the animals. Just observing the adorable baby ones!

Friday dinner:
Somewhere w Bridget - TBD - any UES dining recs, people? I have a distinct feeling this could end up being more drinking than eating, knowing Fidge.

Saturday (any meal!):
Stand - Greenwich Village

Michael Symon says the Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake there is one of "The Best Things I Ever Ate" and according to everything I've read on the interweb, he's not the only one that thinks so.

Of course I'll be getting a nice slice and a big ole bagel at some point while I'm there for sure. And I'll swing by my fave, Butterlane on my way out of the city to snag some cupcakes to bring to Mom's for Easter dinner.

Gah, that's alot of eating. But its supposed to be loverly this weekend, so I'm sure I'll walk it all off. Right? RIGHT?

Monday, March 29, 2010

annnd I'm back...

Well so much for using this blog to keep everyone updated on my transplant process. Yeah, kinda dropped the ball on that one. Its been a smidge over 6 months now, and I'm doing as well as could be hoped at this point. I got results of my 6 mo follow up tests last Thursday, and I'm happy to report that there is currently no leukemia cells in my blood and that I've completely 'taken' my donor's marrow. I do have a bit of GVHD (graft vs host disease) which is fairly common post transplant. In fact a little bit of it is good, bc it means my immune system is actually working and recognizes I have something foreign in my body. But its not totally rejecting it, obviously a good thing. So the docs are monitoring me weekly at the Hop, and they have me on a pretty hefty dose of steroids at the moment to keep the GVHD in check. Which is making me really wired, BTW. Prob what motivated me to start blogging again...

So moral of the story: am I cured? am I in the clear? Not per say. But my news was as good as I could have hoped for. And I have a giant weight lifted off my shoulders for a while. I'm cautiously optimistic. And with the good news I feel like I can actually live a bit before my next big set of tests in September. With that said some fun stuff on the horizon:

Visiting Em and Fidge in NYC this weekend!
Yoga class!
O's Opening Day!
Hanging out on my new roofdeck!
Hopkins Fair!
Going to Nashville in May for Steeplechase and playing w Kat!
Anthony Bourdain @ the Hippodrome!
Steamed Crabs!
Phish Summer Tour! (BTW, hey Phish ticket lottery, did I get my Greek Theater tickets or not??)

Obviously there's still going to be a lot of resting in there. I'm not going to be 100% for at least a year according to the docs. I'm working part time in my dad's office but I should prob start working on figuring out a "real job" but that will come in time.

A big regret has been not writing on this blog during all this down time. I mean I wish I even wrote a sentence a day, just to document for my own purposes. With that said, I really will try to put something on here at least once a week. Hey, its on my iPhone calendar now. So it clearly has to happen.