Sunday, April 18, 2010

Face Melting

Went to Richmond last night to check out the Disco Biscuits show with Evan. His first real show (had only seen them at Artscape before). Excellent time but now I'm super tired. TGI Sunday.

We went with new friends Katie and Brandon. Officially 2 of my new favorite peeps on the planet. Super cool, really chill, and love to dance. Already have plans to see New Deal with them at 9:30 Club this Friday and am likely on their bandwagon for Camp Bisco in July. Yeah and I may have offered to let them live in our basement for the 1st week of June for Passion Pit > moe. > Starscape.

Barber still nursing wrist injury so he sang and stuck to comp. Tommy Hamilton from Brothers Past/American Babies and Chris Michetti from RAQ filled in like champs on guitar.

Setlist (according to Brownie's Twitter - @Marc_Brownstein)

SET I: In the Flesh > And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night > Helicopters, Fish Out of Water, Shelby Rose > The City > Shelby Rose

SET II: 42 > Lunar Pursuit > Ladies. Little Lai > I-Man > 42 

ENCORE: Pimp Blue Rikkis

Helix and 42 are 2 of my all time fave Biscuit's songs so I was definitely pumped.

Some show pics (pardon the quality - working w an iPhone w no Flash bc my digital camera is dead)...

Also, I made the exec decision that when I get my kitten next month, if its a girl she shall be named Shelby Rose. [If its a boy we will be sticking with the original game plan of Tim Riggins - yay for Friday Night Lights!]

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