Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh, Canada...

Just got back from DC, tired as hell. But wanted to throw up a quick post to mention how much I HEART CANADA. Why you ask? Because Canada is responsible for Think About Life, who I'm mildly obsessed with after last night's DC-9 show. I want to be the chick bass player. And the guitar player looks like a hipster version of Matt Volouse. And Cesar the lead singer is just overall awesome (and apparently playing somewhere in Bmore tonight, according to insider Ryan Smith)

Listen to Think About Life here

More importantly, our northern neighbors gave me Dan Kurtz, bass player for the New Deal. Who (I can't believe I'm saying this) has ousted Ryan Reynolds as my #1 Canuck Crush. Seriously. Hot hot hot. And umm HE'S THE BASSIST IN THE FRIGGIN NEW DEAL!

Speaking of hot Canadians, I'm sad to say that we have to wait yet another week to see Taylor Kitsch (everyone's fave full back Tim Riggins). NBC has pushed the Friday Night Lights season 4 premiere to May 7th instead of the originally scheduled April 30th. So we're looking at 12 more days in our COUNTDOWN TO RIGGINS. Enjoy this pic to tide you over in the meantime...

OK, after posting that pic, I realize that Taylor must be my #1 Canadian. Then Dan. Then Ryan. Glad I cleared that up.

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